Style Guide

When wearing a suit, keep the colors down to three.

(anything more than three colors is a crime!)

1. The base: (The suit being worn)

2. The shirt : (The foundation)

3. The pocket silk, and tie; must match each other. (The structure)

Your accessories must match. Example: your belt, and shoes should always compliment each other. Fashion crime: a black pair of shoes, with a brown belt. Match a black belt, with a black pair of shoes (always!)

Suit Etiquette:

When wearing a three piece suit, always open the jacket to show off the vest and tie!

In addition, a beautiful cuff link shirt, compliments a three piece suit.

When wearing a two-button jacket, always button the top button only (never button the bottom button).

When wearing a three button jacket, do as follows.

Top button-Button it.

Middle button- Button it.

Bottom button- Never button it!

Notes from the designer himself: “When I am wearing a suit, I really never close my jacket…” “The only reason, your should close the jacket, is to take a picture, or to partake in a ceremony..”


Your watches, chains, and bracelets, must match each other.



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